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The ISL Board is composed of eight to twelve Members who are elected for three years at a time by a majority vote of Association Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Currently, the ISL Board is composed of twelve members. Meetings of the ISL Board take place periodically during the school year, and at least every two months.

The School Director attends Board meetings without voting rights. Also attending without voting rights are two staff representatives (one representing the Primary School and one representing the Secondary School), as well as the PTA president. Other individuals can be invited to attend meetings (in whole or in part).


Board Members

The ISL Board is made up of the following members (academic year 2014-2015):

Portrait of Andreas Berger
Andreas BERGER

Expansion Oversight Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2010. 2nd term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 1996): Manuela (graduated in 2004), Désirée, Fabio (both enrolled at ISL in the course of their education) and Nathalie (graduated in 2011)
Senior Vice President CO-Manufacturing & Operational Excellence, Nestlé S.A.

Joined ISL Board: August 2014. 1st term ends 2016/2017
Children at ISL (since 2009) : Cloé Y11 and Anaïs Y7
French, Swiss

Portfolio Strategy, Nestlé Health Science SA

Portrait of Aline Boisset Michaud

Portrait of Arturo Bris
Arturo BRIS
Finance Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2013. 1st term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 2013): Felipe Y13 and Amanda Y11
Professor of Finance, IMD

Trevor BROWN
Joined ISL Board: August 2014. 1st term ends 2016/2017
Children at ISL (since 2014): Amelia Y11, Camilla Y11 and Charles Y8
General Counsel Europe, Vice President, Nestlé S.A.
Portrait of Trevor Brown

Portrait of Bruce Burrows

Treasurer of the Board
Chair of the Finance Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2011. 1nd term ends 2016/2017
Children at ISL (since 2009): Tarryn Y10 and Jenna Y8
South African
Vice President Finance, Tetra Pak


Chair of the Governance and Legal Committee
Nominating Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2010. 2nd term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 2006): Benjamin (graduated in 2013), Joshua Y13 and Minelle Y9
Executive Vice President, Group General Counsel and Company Secretary, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Portrait of Jean Duvall

Portrait of Anne Headon

Mobility Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2013. 1st term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 2013): Margaux Y12
Managing Partner, CRESCENDO Research & Marketing 


Secretary of he Board
Chair of the Mobility Committee
Nominating Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2009. 2nd term ends 2014/2015
Children at ISL (since 2008): Micól Y7, Esmè Y4 and Avi R4
Professor, École Hôtelière de Lausanne

Portrait of Demian Hodari

Portrait of Rosalie Hoffmann

Chair of the Board
Chair of the Nominating Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2011. 2nd term ends 2016/2017
Children at ISL (since 2009): Frederic (graduated in 2011), Isabel (graduated in 2013) and Henry Y13


Governance and Legal Committee
Mobility Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2012. 1st term ends 2014/2015
Children at ISL (since 2009): Nienke Y9, Merel Y7 and Lotte Y5

Portrait of Irene Kernkamp

Portrait of Javier Muller

Governance and Legal Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2013. 1st term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 2008): Ines Y9, Victor Y9 and Paula Y9
Director Planning and Business Development, Philip Morris International 


Mobility Committee
Joined ISL Board: August 2013. 1st term ends 2015/2016
Children at ISL (since 2012): Roee Y9 and Maya Y5
Director, SICPA Management S.A.

Portrait of Doron Tenne

Board Structure

A large portion of the Board's work is executed in, through, or with the support of various committees. The purpose of each committee is to oversee relevant issues on behalf of the Board, and/or to prepare recommendations for Board consideration and approval. In addition, the committees provide support and guidance to the Director and her staff, as and when relevant. The Director naturally plays a significant role in most of the committees. Furthermore, each committee may call upon additional assistance from members of staff and/or the school community. Some of the committees are standing i.e. permanently active in one form or another, while others are more project, or specific-needs oriented and may be discontinued when their purpose is served. Once a year, the Board meets specifically to establish a suitable committee structure for the coming period in order to best address the tasks and objectives laid down in the current version of the strategic plan. The present ISL Board is organised into six committees as follows:

  • Executive Committee:
    (Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary)
    Executive function and issues, communications, including community relations and information channels.
  • Finance Committee:
    Financial governance, advice and control.
  • Governance & Legal Committee:
    Governance issues, legal affairs and policy matters.
  • Mobility Committee:
    Responsible for the strategy to optimise traffic flow on and around the ISL campus, offering transport options to both parents and staff, and working with the local communes to ease congestion during busy school times.
  • Expansion Oversight Committee:
    Supporting ISL in its current scale and scope and to consider various scenarios for the school's future.
  • Nominating Committee:
    New Board member candidate search, interviewing and proposals. The committee comprises an equal representation from both the Board and representatives of the PTA/Community.

Board Membership

In order to assure the overall governance of the school, the Board is composed of members who are representative of the community, who have shown commitment to the school and/or who possess skills that are critical to the Board.

When a vacant seat is anticipated, the Nominating Committee, consisting of three representatives from the PTA/Community, three staff members, and three Board Members, uses a matrix to track the necessary / desired skills and experience and to maintain a productive balance between nationalities, age and gender. Candidates are proposed directly for election by the Association at an Annual General Meeting.

For more details on the nomination process and election of Board Members, please consult Article 7 of the statutes.

Board Responsibility

The ISL Board is the guardian of the school and constantly monitors its success in fulfilling its mission. The Board and School Director therefore work in partnership to ensure that all the necessary conditions are provided to fulfil the variety of aims defined by the mission of the school, anticipate what the needs might be in future and redefine the school's policies in accordance with those needs.

The ISL Board's responsibilities are defined as follows:

  • Setting long-term vision,
  • Defining the mission,
  • Approving policies,
  • Ensuring adequate resources,
  • Recruiting, monitoring, assessing and retaining the Director,
  • Complying with legal standing and statutes,
  • Ensuring appropriate transparency and communication,
  • Assuring quality.

How to contact the Board

The Board employs the Director to lead the school. The Director and her staff are therefore responsible for all matters related to the day-to-day running of the school.

The Director's Senior Leadership Team is comprised of the Assistant Director, who is also responsible for the Secondary School, the Primary School Principal and  the Business & Services Manager.

The Secondary School Educational Leadership Team comprises the Assistant Director, the High School Principal, the Assistant Principal-IB Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator, and the Assistant Principal-IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) Coordinator. As a group and between them they take responsibility for the academic programme and pastoral care in the Secondary School.

The Primary School Educational Leadership Team, responsible for the Primary School academic programme and pastoral care, comprises the Primary School Principal, the Assistant Primary School Principal and the Assistant Principal-IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator.

Any issues regarding students should first be discussed with the relevant teacher.

If you wish to contact the Board on matters that do not relate to the day-to-day running of the school, you may do so by using the dedicated e-mail address. All matters will be handled with the appropriate discretion.

Tools :
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    • 13/11/2014 Staff Professional Development Day
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