Academic year 2020-2021: ISL's response to COVID-19.

The Morrisby Profile is one of the most widely-known and sophisticated services in careers guidance.

For the past 50 years, we have been at the forefront of assessing aptitudes, learning,  and personal working styles, to inspire and help people make informed decisions about their careers. As well as taking an objective assessment of aptitudes, we also take interests, working style, and academic achievements into account to create a comprehensive, holistic, and individually tailored analysis on which to base future career decisions. The integrated nature of the profile enables a depth of analysis that is not available in other vocational assessment systems. Essential to its lasting appeal has been continual refinement and improvement, which has led to the Morrisby Profile becoming the most established and sophisticated system for careers guidance available.

The test is primarily for Year 11 students but new Year 12 students can sign up for it too.