Le campus de l'ISL rouvre progressivement ses portes aux étudiants.

Quentin, French


Quentin joined ISL in 2018 and is currently in his last year of the IBDP, Year 13.
« When I knew I was changing schools, I was a bit worried, but it turns out I didn’t need to be, because I had made friends even before the school year started. I made a lot of really close friends, and met a lot of very nice and inspiring people. The teachers are really nice, really smart, and give us so much support through the hard work of the IB. I love the ISL community, and everyone in it. There is an atmosphere of respect that allows for everyone to be themselves. I have met great people and got to learn from them. The students are amazing, but what I like most is the close relationship between students and teachers.”
Art class is one of his preferred classes, “I love the freedom and opportunities in art. I get to explore my own interest and ideas, whilst also getting expert advice from my teacher.”
Additionally, Quentin really liked taking part in Wacky Week, as it was a fun time that also allowed for strong year cohesion.