Année scolaire 2020-2021: la réponse de ISL au COVID-19.

Soukeina Tharoo, French

Home Language Programme Coordinator, EAL & French Teacher

Soukeina Tharoo was born in Paris, moved to England when she was eight years old, and stayed there until she graduated. For the past seventeen years, she has been living and teaching internationally. Soukeina chose to come to work at ISL three years ago as she strongly believed the school had similar values to her own, and she wanted to be in a place where she would be certain that her kids would get a stellar education. The continuous growth and purposeful, positive change are factors she strongly appreciates about ISL. Additionally, Soukeina enjoys hiking and being near lakes and mountains; she has taken advantage of this wonderful location to practise new sports such as skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and snowshoeing.

« The teachers at ISL are committed to providing every child with the very best tools to achieve his or her potential, both academically and socially. Students learn best when they are in an environment where they feel valued and supported, and when they are challenged and empowered to take an active role in their own learning. Judging from the experiences of my own children, I can attest that ISL does an excellent job at this; it has a rigorous academic programme, and a really strong and varied athletic and extracurricular programme. As a teacher, I have access to all the resources and materials I need, and I work collaboratively with a great team of highly dedicated and knowledgeable educators. The leadership team is visionary in its approach to teaching and learning and offers numerous opportunities for growth and professional development. As a school, we model what we want from our students – we are self-reflective and don’t just rest on our laurels knowing that we’re a great school, but we continuously aspire to improve what we offer for our students. »

Soukeina Tharoo