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The International School of Lausanne is a not-for-profit association registered under the Swiss law. The Association elects a Board that oversees the School's governance. A General Assembly is held once a year during which the finances and budget are approved and new members to the Board are elected.

The Board appoints and empowers the Director to run the School.

The Board meets at least every two months during the school year and currently has five committees.

Typically, the Board will hear reports from the Director, and the committees' members will discuss any issues of relevance and make decisions in accordance with the goals that it has set itself.

The Association

The ISL Association is :

  • the legal entity, registered as an Association under Swiss law, responsible for the affairs of the school.
  • registered with the Registre du Commerce du Canton de Vaud.
  • composed of the present Board members and four members of the parent community.
  • governed by the Board, its highest executive authority, which in turn appoints and empowers the Director to run the school.

The Board

The ISL Board is composed of eight to twelve members who are elected for three years at a time by a majority vote of Association Members at the Annual General Meeting of the Association. Currently, the ISL Board is composed of twelve members. Meetings of the ISL Board take place periodically during the school year, and at least every two months.

The School Director attends Board meetings without voting rights. Also attending without voting rights are the Primary School Principal, the Secondary School Principal, the Business & Services Manager, the Director's Personal Assistant, two staff representatives (one representing the Primary School and one representing the Secondary School), as well as the PTA president. Other individuals can be invited to attend meetings (in whole or in part).

The Board Structure

A large portion of the Board's work is executed in, through, or with the support of various committees. The purpose of each committee is to oversee relevant issues on behalf of the Board, and/or to prepare recommendations for Board consideration and approval. In addition, the committees provide support and guidance to the Director and his staff, as and when relevant. The Director naturally plays a significant role in most of the committees. Furthermore, each committee may call upon additional assistance from members of staff and/or the school community. Some of the committees are standing i.e. permanently active in one form or another, while others are more project, or specific-needs oriented and may be discontinued when their purpose is served. Once a year, the Board meets specifically to establish a suitable committee structure for the coming period in order to best address the tasks and objectives laid down in the current version of the Strategic Plan. The present ISL Board is organised into five committees as follows:

  • Executive Committee:
    (Chairman of the Board, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) 
    Executive function and issues, communications, including community relations and information channels.
  • Finance Committee:
    Financial governance, advice and control.
  • Governance Committee:
    Governance issues, legal affairs and policy matters.
  • Nominating Committee:
    New Board member candidate search, interviews and proposals. The committee comprises a representation from the Board, school staff and PTA/ Community.
  • Quality and Standards Committee:
    To ensure that processes are in place to safeguard ISL’s progression to Excellence in Education.

The Board Membership

In order to assure the overall governance of the school, the Board is composed of members who are representative of the community, who have shown commitment to the school and/or who possess skills that are critical to the Board.

When a vacant seat is anticipated, the Nominating Committee, consisting of three representatives from the PTA/Community, three staff members, and three Board Members, uses a matrix to track the necessary/desired skills and experience, and to maintain a productive balance between nationalities, age and gender. Candidates are proposed directly for election by the Association at an Annual General Meeting or an Extra-ordinary General Meeting of the Association.

For more details on the nomination process and election of Board Members, please consult Article 7 of the statutes.

The Board Responsibility

The ISL Board is the guardian of the school and constantly monitors its success in fulfilling its mission. The Board and School Director therefore work in partnership to ensure that all the necessary conditions are provided to fulfil the variety of aims defined by the mission of the school, anticipate what the needs might be in future and redefine the school's policies in accordance with those needs.

The ISL Board's responsibilities are defined as follows:

  • Setting long-term vision
  • Defining the mission
  • Approving policies
  • Ensuring adequate resources
  • Recruiting, monitoring, assessing and retaining the Director
  • Complying with legal standing and statutes
  • Ensuring appropriate transparency and communication
  • Assuring quality.

Who to contact

The Board employs the Director to lead the school. The Director and his staff are therefore responsible for all matters related to the day-to-day running of the school.

The Director's Senior Leadership Team is comprised of the Secondary School Principal, the Primary School Principal and the Business and Services Manager.

The Secondary School Educational Leadership Team comprises of the Secondary School Principal, the Middle School Principal, the High School Principal, the Assistant Principal – IB Diploma Programme Coordinator, and the Assistant Principal - IB MYP Coordinator. As a group and between them they take responsibility for the academic programme and pastoral care in the Secondary School.

The Primary School Educational Leadership Team, responsible for the Primary School academic programme and pastoral care, comprises the Primary School Principal, the Assistant Primary School Principal and the Assistant Principal - IB PYP Coordinator.

Any issues regarding students should first be discussed with the relevant teacher.

Johan Masure
Chairman of the Board
Contact the ISL Board
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