Many thanks for your interest in the International School of Lausanne.

You have the options below to contact or be contacted by the school. Alternatively, you are welcome to call us on +41 21 560 02 02. The best time to call is between 10.00 and 15.00 from Monday to Friday.

Application Procedure

The quickest way to apply is through this form.

Please follow the procedure carefully so that we can process applications promptly.

1. Read the following pages

2. Collect the following documents (to be uploaded with the online application form)

  • School records for the last two years
  • Passport of the applicant
  • Standardised tests results if available
  • Special academic or psychological evaluation results if available

3. Submit the following form

4. Submit the following documents to the applicant’s current/former school(s)

5. Submit the following form to your employer

  • Employer Confirmation form*

*This form is only mandatory if the employer of one of the parents pays all or part of the school expenses. The employer should be contacted by the parents and asked to complete and send this form to the ISL Admissions office. For more information, please contact the ISL Development Coordinator directly.

Applications can only be processed if all the required documents are submitted.

Anna Fessler and Susy Weill-Borsanyi
Contact the Admissions Office
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