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ISL provides optional hot meals at lunch time.

Novae, a local catering company of excellent repute, provides nutritious, well-balanced meals at competitive prices. Adherence to the Swiss "Fourchette verte junior" (Green Fork Junior) programme further guarantees the quality of the food on offer.

The cafeteria aims at offering appealing, nutritious school lunches in a calm and relaxed environment.

It is important to encourage the students to eat a well-balanced meal, and to develop healthy eating habits. The students are encouraged to eat vegetables and fruit every day. Water, milk and bread are served with the lunches. Meals are served in an appealing way, with occasional themes, to encourage students to try new dishes and raise their interest in different foods.

At the vending machine, students can pay either by cash or using their cafeteria card.

Primary School

Reception 3 to Year 6 students can either have a hot lunch at the cafeteria or bring a packed lunch.

Students who bring a packed lunch should also bring any necessary utensils (fork, spoon, knife, cup, etc.) in a suitable container.

Subscriptions for the cafeteria hot lunches are made online. Subscriptions can be contracted for specific days of the week. A trial week is also available upon request for students who wish to experience the cafeteria service before registering.

Students are served the “Fourchette Verte” menu at the cafeteria at table during two sittings:

Reception 3 to Year 3 11.35
Years 4 to 6 12.05

Students, who have signed up for cafeteria hot lunches, are provided with picnics when they leave on a day excursion.

Second Helping
Students who are still hungry after eating their menu can ask to be served a second helping of the same menu. To remain in compliance with the “Fourchette Verte” label, only vegetables and food such as rice, potatoes, pasta, etc will be served, meat or fish will not be served a second time.

Students should ask a teacher on duty or the cafeteria personnel.

Reception 3 and 4 classes operate a morning snack system whereby parents supply a snack for the whole class on a rota basis.

In Years 1 to 6, students should bring their own morning snack.

Secondary School

Students are provided with a cafeteria card when they enter Secondary School. They should use this to purchase items from the cafeteria.

It is important that parents charge their child(ren)’s account and that they check regularly the balance on their online account.

Students access the self-service area and have the choice of four menus:

  • Fourchette Verte
  • Pasta/Gourmet
  • Vegetarian
  • Pizza

A salad buffet priced on weight is available. Students who purchase a whole menu will be given a salad of the day with the menu instead of taking it from the buffet.

Healthy snacks, like fresh fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches, bakery products and cereal bars, are sold in the cafeteria, and in a vending machine. Water and fruit juices (fresh or with low sugar content) are also available. Candy, confectionary bars and carbonated soft drinks are not available in the cafeteria or in the vending machine.

Sarah Dupertuis
Cafeteria Coordinator
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