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Benefit Concert 2019

Date: Thursday 21 February 2019
Time: from 19:00 to 20:30
Location: Auditorium

There is a rising a problem in India linked with women’s treatment in society, more specifically women’s abuse. Numbers have been rising over the years of reported rapes, honor killings and domestic violence, and these are just the ones reported. Women are trapped in cycles of abuse and are shamed for leaving their houses, therefore they have no safe places to go in order to get out and stay safe. Women are also less educated and therefore do not have access to jobs. This means that the women must rely upon a man to provide for her leaving her again trapped in a situation she can not leave.

To help make a difference we wanted to work with shelter that provides a safe place for these women. The shelter has been run by Seva Mandir for the last 11 years, named the Short-Stay Home (SSH) in Udaipur, Rajasthan. In this safe place, women are given access to doctor’s visits, legal and financing counselling and skill training in things such as tailoring and nursing. We cannot stress how important this is as it allows these women to break their cycle of needing to rely on the person who is abusing them for financial support. Women are then able to break the cycle of abuse and begin to once again build a life for themselves and their children independently.

This NGO solely relies on fundraisers and people’s donations in order to help these women. Therefore we decided to hold a fundraiser here in order to help this shelter reach their $20,000 goal a little bit faster. Our aim was to host a concert at our school, The International School of Lausanne (ISL). All the profits gained from this would be sent directly to this shelter in order to help the women in India break free from abuse and build a stable, independent life for themselves.

Tickets are available online at

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