Christi McEvoy, Irish

Teacher of Year 6, Student Council Coordinator

Christi is from Northern Ireland and grew up in Holywood, just outside of Belfast. “I went to a Steiner school until I was 13, then a school blazer type of school until 18. I studied Primary Teaching at Dundee University, where I played on the University football team.” Christi McEvoy joined ISL in 2014, having taught in a few other schools in Vaud. He was delighted and honored to join the ISL community, and this feeling has only grown over time. “I like how kind and friendly everyone is. My colleagues are a pleasure to work with, the students are enthusiastic and creative and the parents are very supportive.” Christi defines the community as welcoming, kind, fun, patient, engaged, enthusiastic and appreciative.
“Hosting the Y6 sleepover will live in the memory for a long time. It is hard to believe we got any sleep with 65 ten years olds in the gym hall, but the kids were brave, respectful and responsible. It was a real pleasure to see them pull together.”
Additionally, Christi really enjoys the beautiful nature in Switzerland. In his free time, he plays football, does magic, enjoys cycling, cooking and hiking. Mexican food is Christi’s favorite, “I make a beeline for the South American table on International day.”
A wise person once told him, “You may teach for 30 years, just make sure you don’t teach the same year 30 times.”