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Erin Michelle Threlfall, American

IB PYP Coordinator

Erin is an American citizen who, as a child,  moved every 2-3 years. In her lifetime, she lived in nine US cities and ten countries: US, Germany, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Ghana, Togo, South Korea, Indonesia, and Switzerland. Each place contributed to her world view and helped her to better understand both herself and the world around her. Erin joined ISL in 2018, and her choice to join the school was what she calls a “heart decision.” From the moment she entered the school, she felt the warmth at ISL. She knew right away that this was where she wanted to be, for her son and herself.

“I love the sense of joy that is here, and the way the community knows and cares for each child. The teachers are dedicated and committed to the well-being of the students and one another, and the quality of education is top-notch. The children also care for one another, and bring humour, laughter, and a sense of wonder into the school community. It is truly a wonderful place to be. I would describe the teachers as: dedicated, passionate, flexible, caring, knowledgeable, and connected. ISL is in a league of its own for how caring and supportive the community is. Everyone looks after one another in a way that is very special. ISL also stands out for being reflective, and open to growth and development. What we have is already wonderful, and everyone constantly strives to see where we can do even better. As someone who does not know what it means to be rooted to one place, I believe I have found a place where I would like to stay and that I would like to call home for a really long time. I feel a part of something special here, a place where I can learn and grow while also making meaningful contributions. This gives me both a sense of belonging and purpose, the underpinnings for happiness. To have that in such a warm and caring place is truly a gift. Finally, I love to invest my time in gardening, yoga, art, reading, interior design, and travelling.”