Summer Camps 2021 - ISL Bilingual day camps (EN-FR) for children aged 3 to 14 years old.

Jamison Odling, Canadian

Teacher of music

Jamison grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan, and studied at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. He joined in August 2015 and chose ISL for its great reputation for excellence in teaching. Additionally, Jamison believes ISL provides opportunities for teachers to continually improve their craft, share ideas, and develop their skills to be better teachers. The feeling of community and the support of both the parents and staff are aspects he especially likes about the school. Everyone is striving to make the learning experience for the children a happy, safe, and exciting adventure. The staff and teachers are open-minded, caring, and dedicated to the benefit of the students.

“Everyday as a primary music teacher I’m confronted with experiences that are unique. For example, in a single day I might play the recorder, drums, ukulele, or xylophone, pretend to be a pirate, a chicken or maybe a horse, sing about pizza or peace, dance while playing the guitar, get sunburnt while on recess duty, fix an instrument or two, and help the students write a song. All along the way, it’s a constant that funny things will happen and we will have fun playing music and singing songs.”

Jamison does not have one favorite artist or band, but stylistically he prefers jazz, blues, and music with a funky groove.

Jamison Odling