Summer Camps 2021 - ISL Bilingual day camps (EN-FR) for children aged 3 to 14 years old.

Louisa-Maria, Austrian


Louisa-Maria joined ISL six years ago, and is currently in Year 8. “Once I arrived at the International School of Lausanne I knew that it was different from other schools. I have attended ISL for six years now, and I still haven’t lost the WOW effect everyday I go to school. The International School of Lausanne encourages us to reach our full potential. ISL is very diverse and makes sure that everyone’s voice is being heard. From the first day of school I felt welcomed and part of a big community. It was amazing to see the relationships between students and teachers and how multicultural it is. At ISL you feel as if you are appreciated and as if the students are able to express their feelings through many different ways and opportunities.”