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Who we are

There are six teachers, from Early Years to Year 6, in the Primary French Team.
Early Years learners (R3, R4) have four hours and forty minutes of French time every week. From Y1 to Y6, students benefit from three hours and twenty minutes of French every week. French levels range from beginners to proficient speakers. French in the Early Years has an immersive approach: the French teachers join the students’ homeroom every day. There are four levels of French in Year 2, 3, 4 and five levels in Year 5 and Year 6.

In line with the school’s Missions and Aims

The teaching of French at ISL is tied to the school’s Missions and Aims. The French Primary teachers strive to recognise the unique potential of each student, and to equip them to play an active and responsible role in a complex, multicultural world. For instance, in Year 4, students organise a garage sale for the Swiss NGO “Terre des Hommes”. Through such service and action projects, the children exercise agency in their own learning.

A tie with the local community

The French department provides a link between the school and local life. The teaching of French equips the students for everyday situations and during extra-curricular activities. The curriculum enables them to develop their comprehension of the French language during field trips organised as part of the units of inquiry.
For instance in Year 2 students went to visit a puppet theatre (Le théâtre des lutins) as part of their unit of inquiry on story-telling. Moreover, the French team strives to develop links with the local schools. A local school recently joined ISL for activities around Art Week (Article).

Close collaboration with the homeroom teachers

The French team and the homeroom teachers collaborate to promote the school’s approach to global citizenship with the students.
The French teachers align their curriculum with the units of inquiry and integrate part of the taught content in their French classes. The French teachers align with some of the homeroom language goals. For example, students write a personal narrative both in French and in English classes. Also, homeroom and French teachers co-teach in partnership lessons. For instance in Y5, homeroom and French teachers co-teach the line of inquiry “What forces affect us” and students explore possible natural disasters in Switzerland.

Useful information

All information and resources to support the students are on our PYP French Padlet.
Each teacher gives a selection of activities for their group. You can also find a list of extra-curricular activities and encourage your child to borrow books from the library. Do not hesitate to contact your French teacher for more information.

You can find Frequently Asked Questions here.