Scarlett, Spanish


Scarlett is Spanish and started at ISL in Reception 3, she is currently in Year 4. Scarlett enjoys her classes at ISL. « I get to try many different sports and games in PE. I love well-being, we play games there and learn important messages such as you need to trust people. Music class is also great: we can play many instruments such as ukulele, drums, recorder, etc… » Additionally, she really enjoys the After School Activities at ISL. Scarlett likes gymnastics a lot, « I have been doing it for several years and feel like i’m improving a lot. » She also enjoys Dance and joined the Makerspace Activity for the first time this year as it allows for creativity. Scarlett loves International Day, it is her favourite celebration in the year. « We wear costumes from our countries, and get to try yummy food from all over the world. » Lastly, Halloween is an event she really likes too, the games are fun, and the party is great.