Rachel Clément, British

Teaching Assistant - Reception 3

Rachel grew up in Lancashire in the North-West of England. She spent her university years at UCLAN and graduated in Art & Design specializing in Ceramics. After a number of years working in the travel industry and starting a family, Rachel retrained and began lecturing in Further Education and running pottery workshops in her local community before moving to a Teaching Assistant role in primary education.
“ISL has an excellent reputation and provides many opportunities for personal growth and professional development. It has a warm and welcoming community where teachers and staff are supported and valued.”
This is Rachel’s third year at ISL, firstly she worked in a 1:1 support role in Primary for two years and this year she began her new role in EC Reception 3 as their Teaching Assistant.
“Everyone involved in the school is dedicated to the well-being of each child and encourages their love of learning. There is always something fun and interesting going on here.”
In her free time she loves baking, reading and anything arts & crafts. In the Winter Rachel enjoys skiing and crochet (though not at the same time!) and in the summer she likes to swim outdoors as often as she can.