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The ISL Board is composed of eight to twelve members who are representative of the community, who have shown commitment to the school, and/or who possess skills that are critical to the Board. At ISL, the Board is the guardian of the School and constantly monitors its success in fulfilling its mission. The Board and School Director therefore work in partnership to ensure that all the necessary conditions are provided to fulfil the aims defined by the school, anticipate what the needs might be in the future, and redefine the School’s policies in accordance with those needs.

Johan is Global R&D Project Director at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. He is from Belgium and his two sons have both recently graduated from ISL.

Johan Masure


Trevor is the General Counsel, Europe, Middle East, North Africa Vice President at Nestlé SA. He is British and the father of one student at ISL and two ISL graduates.

Trevor Brown

Vice Chair

Silvan is Vice President of Finance, EMEA at Kelly Services. He is from the Netherlands and has one child enrolled at ISL.

Silvan Hoevenaars


Nakisa is the Corporate Vice President Associate General Counsel at Celgene International. She has two children in the secondary school at ISL and is American.

Nakisa Serry


John is Vice President Finance at Medtronic International Trading Sàrl. He is Irish and the father of three ISL students.

John Barrett

Aline is Portfolio Strategist at Nestlé Health Science SA. She has French and Swiss nationalities, and is the mother of one ISL graduate.

Aline Boisset Michaud

Marco is the Vice President of Base Materials at Tetra Pak International SA. He is Italian and is the father of one student at ISL.

Marco Martelli

Javier is the Director of Planning and Business Development at Philip Morris International. He is from Germany and is the father of three ISL graduates.

Javier Müller

Anand is the Shell Professor of Global Leadership at IMD. He is British and Indian and has his two children enrolled at ISL.

Anand Narasinhan

Doron is the Cyberspace Affairs Director at SICPA. He is Israeli and the father of one ISL student and one ISL graduate.

Doron Tenne

Costas is the Director of Human Resources at Philip Morris International. He is Cypriot and Canadian and the father of two ISL students and one ISL graduate.

Costas Vlahos

Tomoko is Co-Founder and CEO of Dermintel. She is also a Researcher and Writer for the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, an IMD and Cisco Initiative. She is Japanese and is the mother of one student at ISL.

Tomoko Yokoi

Governance Information

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