Are you an athlete or a team player? Do you like to compete?

ISL offers a wide range of sports including basketball, skiing, netball, gymnastics, and many more. We offer competitive sports, and our teams attend seasonal competitions. We also have recreational teams and other activities throughout the year.

ISL participates in approximately 200 competitions during the school year–either hosted at ISL, at other Swiss venues,  or even internationally. We have a team of dedicated coaches from within the ISL faculty, along with external coaches. They all work hard to ensure that each student has a memorable time.

Please check our After-School Activities page to find out more about the different sports, activities, and competitions offered at ISL.

Primary school sports:

We offer a variety of activities that can accommodate and interest all our students.

As students progress through the Primary School, the activities focus on an understanding of basic rules, on tactics and strategy in games, and on refinement of sport-specific skills. In all sports, students are exposed to a competitive element, particularly in the upper Primary School.

Secondary school sports:

Emphasis lies in understanding the rules of sport, the values and consequences of one’s actions, and developing performance components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). In order to continue to offer a safe, inclusive, and welcoming training environment for all students, we subscribe to a variety of sports leagues. This way we aim to offer competitive situations for all students within a team.

Sport competition at the international school of Lausanne