The tuition and other academic-related fees are published each year by 15 March for the following year.

Acceptance fees
A single, non-refundable acceptance fee is due only the first year of enrolment of each student. Please note that no acceptance fee is charged for students entering into Reception 3 and Reception 4.

Tuition fees

The tuition fees are billed and are indeed payable in advance, before the start of each term:

  • Autumn term (August to December) is billed in June and payable in August
  • Winter term (January to March) is billed in November and payable in December
  • Spring term (April to June) is billed in February and payable in March

For students in Reception 3, the fees are payable monthly from September to June.

Other academic-related fees
Other academic related fees vary from CHF 0 to approximately CHF 2’500 per school year depending on the year group. These fees are mainly for curriculum-related visits, sports programmes (such as ice skating and skiing), field trips, and excursions.

Sibling Discount
From August 2020, families at ISL are eligible for the following discount on the tuition fees:

  • 5% for the third child
  • 10% for the fourth child
  • 15% for the fifth child and above.

The discount will be applied based on the year level of the enrolled children in descending order.

Annual Upfront Payment Discount
Families that are invoiced directly by ISL are eligible for the following discount on the tuition fees:

1.5 % on the full annual amount, if payment is made prior to the start of the academic year.

Company-sponsored students
If employer company of a parent accepts, by signing a specific agreement, to sponsor the schooling fees and to be invoiced directly, no prepayment is required for the fees to be paid by the company.

Billing for optional services
Optional services like transportation, meals, private lessons, and optional school trips are separately invoiced each term. This happens a few weeks after the billing of the mandatory fees. These optional services are invoiced at the beginning of the term for the full term. Any required adjustments will be included in the billing of the following term.