Our DEI Vision

ISL is a diverse, safe, equitable, and welcoming community for all students, staff and families. Each individual is committed to ensuring everyone has a strong sense of belonging and feels respected. We are proactive in inclusion work as it upholds ISL’s Values. In addition to the actions being undertaken by the DEI Team, an inclusive approach underpins our systems, policies, practices, pedagogy, and culture.

Our DEI Mission

At ISL, we are proactively co-creating a culture that enables every individual to thrive by reducing implicit bias, speaking up, and being allies to eliminate racism and discrimination of all kinds in our community. Our inclusion work includes auditing and improving our systems, structures, pedagogy, and culture. By embracing our diversity as a strength, we create a vibrant learning community and culture of belonging.

Our DEI Roadmap

Diversity Equity Inclusion Roadmap

Our DEI Approach

Our DEI policy

ISL’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy was published in August 2022 after a year of consultation within and beyond the ISL community. Read the ISL’s DEI Policy.

Our DEI Team of Coordinators

As an Academic Counsellor, I have spent the past decade listening to students’ stories to guide them on their future paths. All these narratives and transition journeys highlight the importance of belonging. Thus, I aspire to champion others within our school community. Taking on the DEI role stems from this commitment. As a CIS gender woman, I’ve challenged societal norms tied to gender stereotypes, and I’ve overcome gender-based challenges at work and leisure. Balancing a career with motherhood, I advocate for systemic change for equity. Through serving on the Board of the Business & Professional Women’s (BPW) Group for Lake Geneva, and facilitating the Gender Equity group, I am an activist on inclusion and unafraid of having difficult conversations. As a Scot, I’ve learned to rise above identity-related jokes and celebrate cultural richness while being aware of the power and privileges that come with being British. With a background in foreign languages, and literature, a Master’s in the Management of International Education, and various counselling and coaching qualifications, I’ve explored diverse global settings, deepening my understanding of intercultural communication. Living in Switzerland aligns with my love for rowing and winter sports, fostering a balanced lifestyle. I am thoughtful about well-being and love to share my passion for the great outdoors with others.

Katrina Edmunds


I am German, ethnically Korean and adopted. My journey towards championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is a tale of two worlds that has profoundly shaped my understanding of the richness inherent in human diversity. While my formative years in a non-diverse primary school presented challenges, it was my experience in an international school that truly ignited my passion for fostering inclusivity. In my primary school, the landscape was marked by a uniformity that often left me yearning for a broader representation of the world. As a person of colour in this setting, I navigated through an environment where my experiences stood as a testament to the importance of recognizing the broader tapestry of human identity, one that transcends cultural and ethnic boundaries. The turning point in my DEI journey occurred when I transitioned to an international school. Suddenly, I found myself immersed in a vibrant mosaic of cultures, languages, and perspectives. This shift was transformative, opening my eyes to the beauty that emerges when diverse voices come together. It was an experience that not only broadened my worldview but also deepened my commitment to fostering environments where diversity is not just acknowledged but celebrated. In this international setting, collaborative projects became a melting pot of ideas, and learning extended beyond textbooks to encompass a wealth of global perspectives. This has ignited a passion for working with students not only in my classroom but forming student groups to foster a sense of belonging and empowerment for every individual. I am dedicated to creating environments where individuals feel safe to express their authentic selves, and where their voices are heard.

Ji Foof


My professional DEI journey began 15 years ago after qualifying as a secondary school teacher. My local and international career has given me experience on the values of teaching intercultural understanding. From an enhanced learning environment to developing critical thinking skills, I believe it is essential for preparing our students for the interconnected global workforce. At ISL, my work has focussed on auditing and developing our curriculum with a DEI lens and empowering student voice through establishing a DEI student ambassador programme. Most recently, I have helped to develop our strategic plan for DEI and recognise that while we have a lot to celebrate now, we have more work ahead of us. More personally, my DEI journey began long ago. Growing up in a heteronormative society, I soon became aware of inequalities in our society. As an LGBTQIA+ educator, I am aware of the lack of representation in educational, mainstream media and other societal institutions. However, in my lifetime, significant progress has been made towards greater acceptance and equality. In July 2022, Switzerland legalised ‘mariage pour tous’ and a few months later I was able to happily marry my husband. This social change would not have been possible without allies in Swiss society. This is a firm reminder to me about how being an ally is a powerful tool for greater inclusion.

Daniel Grocott


Our Training

Speak Up

Through a collaboration with Natalie Wilkins from Thriving Talent, the DEI Coordinators developed a 3-hour workshop for staff which was delivered as part of the professional development training for all staff at the start of the academic year 2023 and subsequently offered to the PTA. We trained a team of DEI Champions from across ISL to deliver the training to colleagues in small groups. This format enabled staff to explore subtle acts of exclusion; dignity and respect; and the 5-D model to speak up as colleagues and educators. All staff were encouraged to read and reflect on an excerpt from Aow, Angeline, et al. Becoming a Totally Inclusive School. Available from: VitalSource Bookshelf, Taylor & Francis, 2022.

Inclusive Language

We are developing Inclusive Language guides for the school. The next step is for the Student Council to review and feedback on the draft Inclusive Language Guide. Members of staff can now include their pronouns on their email signatures.