An ISL Education

At ISL over 125 educators prepare children for the complexities and uncertainties of our multicultural, interdependent world so that they can contribute productively.

An ISL education provides young people with:

  • a rigorous intellectual base so they can think critically
  • opportunities for innovation and independent problem-solving
  • the ability to effectively cooperate across cultural boundaries
  • a genuine sense of care for the well-being of all community members
  • confidence and the courage to be themselves.

Teaching job at ISL

  • Applicants for teaching positions must have a formal bachelor or postgraduate degree in Education, and/ or a bachelor degree in a related subject with a formal teaching licence or postgraduate teaching certification.
  • To be considered for a position, we request applicants to apply only through the specific recruitment platform (unless stated otherwise on the advert) and submit a minimum of three references.
  • Due to work permit restrictions, priority is given to candidates holding Swiss work permits or Swiss/ EU citizenship.

No open positions