After graduating in 2012, I studied Biomedical Engineering and Finance at Boston University. I then moved to New York where I have worked at a boutique supply chain consulting firm for five years.

In 2020, I began working on a passion project to create a one-stop shop, curated platform for couples planning South Asian weddings in the US to partner with local vendors and source high-quality, artisanal products from abroad. I believe there is a huge opportunity to streamline the planning process in a way that makes it more economical for couples to organize their dream weddings, while supporting talented creators and keeping local traditions alive. This fall, I will be pursuing an MBA at Chicago Booth, where I hope to turn this project into a startup.

I have many fond memories of ISL that are still so vivid: the chatter in the lounge every morning, our class trips to Bordeaux and Biarritz, enjoying baked goods during chemistry with Mr. Aldersey, the tangible school spirit during Wacky Week which we won thrice as aerobics instructors/airport operators/circus performers, Ms. Cameron’s cheerleading energy in volleyball with an amazing group of girls, Mr. Foley’s hilarious stories to drill economic concepts, dancing at Chris’s fashion show, and heading back to Ben’s house with the Class of 2012 after our last IB exam. ISL has so much character, with the friendliest students and warmest teachers. I feel incredibly fortunate to call this school mine.