We received the sad news that on Monday 7 March Sumaya, had died in a road traffic accident in Uganda. ‘Sumy’ graduated from ISL in 2007. In recent years she had made East Africa, and more specifically Kampala, her home, where she worked as a successful photojournalist. The quality of Sumaya’s work and the impact she had on the lives of those around her are evident in the international reaction to her death.

Sumaya’s photographs were published in a broad range of media publications. A huge swathe of the world’s press has taken the time to pause and reflect on the beauty of Sumaya’s work and of herself as a person. The Guardian, NPR and The Financial Times are amongst them. If you wish to learn more about her projects and passions, here is her website.

At this incredibly difficult time, our thoughts and condolences go to Sumaya’s parents and her brother, Jorge. We are convinced they should be immensely proud of this unique and talented young person.