At the International School of Lausanne, we are committed to providing our students with exceptional learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classrooms. One such initiative that embodies our dedication to holistic education is our Forest School programme in Early Childhood, backed by the prestigious Level 3 Forest School qualification.

The Level 3 Forest School qualification is not just a credential: it’s an internationally recognised achievement, representing the pinnacle of Forest School accreditation. Early Childhood educators who are graduates of this course are equipped to become forest school leaders, capable of establishing, operating, and overseeing a transformative Forest School programme.

Early Childhood teachers at ISL have recently been accredited. Throughout the course, they learned how to teach students invaluable skills such as fire lighting, shelter building, and tool usage empowering them to guide students through hands-on experiences, fostering resilience and confidence.

Students showcasing essential outdoor skills.

Already offering a successful Forest School programme as part of our Early Childhood curriculum, this qualification further fortifies our commitment to providing students with access to highly trained professionals. Our aim is to create an environment where every student can thrive.

Our team cultivated vital connections with the Forestry services in Vaud, sparking engaging interactions with Forest Rangers. These experts shared their extensive knowledge about biodiversity within our Forest School site and outlined their sustainability plans. The collaborative efforts aim to enrich our students’ understanding of environmental stewardship, aligning with our commitment to global citizenship.

As we continue our Forest School journey, we anticipate a myriad of benefits for our students. From enhanced confidence and social skills to improved language and communication, motivation, and concentration, the positive impact on their physical and mental well-being is immeasurable. Our commitment to nature-based education underscores our dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of contributing to a sustainable future.

Students engaged in Forest School activities.
Student learning new skills in Forest School.

ISL celebrates the attainment of the Level 3 Forest School qualification as a testament to our dedication to holistic education. Join us on this remarkable journey as we continue to cultivate a deep connection between our students and the natural world, fostering a sense of responsibility and appreciation for the environment.

© Photo credit: Mélody Spoerri