Four of our talented Year 12 students, Miguel, Maako, Hannah, and Louisa-Maria, made their mark at the Chemistry Study Week, organised by Science et Jeunesse earlier this year. This unique event brings together young talents from across Switzerland for a week of immersive exploration into the realms of chemistry and materials science alongside university students and industry experts.

Exceptional Participation and Achievements

This year, out of the entire country, 21 students were selected to participate, making it all the more impressive that nearly 20% of those were from ISL. Throughout the week, our students engaged in a spectrum of activities ranging from database analysis to hands-on experimentation. Miguel and Maako even had the honour of presenting their group’s projects during the final presentations, demonstrating their capacity to not only keep up with university-level peers but also lead in high-pressure situations.

Advanced Research and Innovative Projects

Miguel worked on innovative cancer treatment protocols while Maako delved into the complexities of chemical behaviour through database analysis and modelling. Their work was not based on established textbooks but on emerging theories and experiments, truly a testament to their advanced analytical skills and adaptability.

Preparing for Future Scientific Endeavours

What sets this experience apart is not just its academic rigour, but also the opportunity for students to grapple with cutting-edge research. As one former participant noted, the information explored was so new that it could not be found through a simple Google search. This underscores the significance of the challenges our students faced and the invaluable skills they gained in navigating uncharted territories.

While Chemistry Study Week is not a competition, the achievements of our students speak volumes about their resilience and determination. It offers a significant opportunity for students to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world settings, pushing the boundaries of science and sparking future career interests in the field.

We are incredibly proud of our students’ achievements and are hopeful that some of our students will be selected to participate in the 2025 medicine and science week.

Congratulations to our young scientists for their impressive performance and contributions!