Mariana Suarez, Colombian

Teacher of Year 5

Mariana grew up in Bogota, Columbia. She first studied Music Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music and then went on to do a Master’s degree on Elementary Education at the University of Alabama. Mariana worked as an educator in both Colombia and Thailand. She started working at ISL in August 2015 and states, “What made ISL so great was the people. The initial feeling when coming into ISL’s community is being welcomed with so much warmth and enthusiasm. People at ISL make you feel special and appreciated. Also the idea of working in Switzerland and giving that opportunity to my son was a pull for me and my husband.”

Mariana especially likes the empowering and caring community at ISL and appreciates the way decisions are always made to enhance learning. She strongly believes students are at the core of ISL’s interests. “Having been a year 6 teacher for 4 years has left me great memories about the PYP exhibition. A celebration of student’s learning throughout their primary years. Being able to see students go through an independent inquiry of their choice, putting into practice all the skills and attitudes they have developed over the years and then presenting their process to the community is amazing. The level of commitment and independence you see in the students is inspiring.”
Lastly, Mariana loves Sushi and Thai food. She enjoys playing basketball, skiing, signing and reading. In Switzerland, she likes the natural environment and the easiness of enjoying the mountains, lakes and forests. “I am a mother of a 5 year old. Currently enrolled in Year 1 at ISL and I can say my son loves his school. I also have a new baby girl. The support and love ISL’s community has given her and my family has been unconditional.”