An exciting and varied field trip programme is used for educational, recreational, and social development.

Field trips at ISL serve many purposes, some of which are to:

  • enable students to study a region within, or outside of Switzerland, using skills learned in their studies
  • enable students to explore and gain insight into histories, cultures, customs, and beliefs different from their own
  • engage in a service activity and gain insight into the social and economic issues of less-developed regions
  • provide an experience of living together in a community
  • participate in an outdoor recreational and/or educational programme
  • participate in activities that promote team-building, reflection, and leadership skills

Students have made cultural visits to London, Florence, Venice, Cortona, Paris, and Provence where they have studied art, architecture, and history.

Outdoor activity trips have included sailing, surfing, skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain-biking, canoeing, and rafting in the Swiss Alps.

We are also well-placed for environmental, geography, and science-based field studies either locally or in France.

Service trips have included school-building projects in India, Tanzania, and Zambia.