The extended care programme gives parents an opportunity to have their Early Childhood (EC) and primary school children supervised from 15:40 to 18:00 in the Early Childhood when they are not participating in an after-school activity or supervised by an adult.

For our children’s safety, the school policy is that children in the EC or Primary School are not to be on campus after 15:45 unsupervised.

The extended care programme consists of two sessions:

• Session 1: from 15:40 until 17:00 (with a possibility of pick-up until 17:15 without adding the second session)
• Session 2: from 17:00 until 18:00 (with a possibility of attending already from 16:45 without registering for the first session)

You can register your child for Session 1 and/ or Session 2.
Session 1 costs CHF 20.
Session 2 costs CHF 15.

*Effective from 18 September 2023