Aimee Moore, American

Teacher of Learning Support, Primary School

Aimee grew up in Virginia. She has been teaching for 27 years, including 18 years in International teaching. She came to work at ISL three years ago. “I was interested in working in an educational environment which values, respects and fosters creativity and collaboration to provide optimal learning experiences for teachers, staff and students.” She works in the primary school and especially likes the fact that she works together with a supportive team where they communicate collaboratively to ensure the needs of students. “I would define the community as a group working, laughing, creating and sharing moments together.”
Aimee’s enjoys eating vegan tacos with pico de gallo and guacamole. Also, she loves the Swiss mountains. “Anywhere I drive, hike, walk, ride my bike, the mountains are sharing their beauty.” She is an avid reader, hiker, scuba diver, traveler, enjoys learning languages and attending museums. “When I move to a new place, I like to immerse myself in the language and culture to get a true feel of what it is like to live in a new country.”