The author and photographer of this blog post is Artemis. Artemis graduated from ISL in 2020 and is currently doing an internship in the Marketing department.

June indicates the start of Pride Month, an event celebrating LGBTQ+ persons and allies. Events, festivals and parties are held all around the world, and ISL is no exception.

The student Pride Alliance group co-led by Annette and Niamh, two Y12 students, took it upon themselves to make a memorable Pride event with the help of several staff, including Christopher Wallace, Vivian Caggiari and John Ivett. Pride Alliance is part of Be the Change week from June 14th to 18th. The school has been decorated with Pride Flags and a good amount of students and staff are also sporting this symbolic rainbow.

Furthermore, several events have been organized for this occasion, including diversity and LGBTQ+ lessons designed for Y9 and Y10. Another is the poetry and training workshop designed by the British poet Sean Lìonadh that is taking place throughout the week, live from the UK.

On Pride Day (June 15th), there was a homeroom lesson session for Y9 to Y12. During morning breaks and lunch, there were several stands, information groups and advocacy exploring the arts, mental health and the role of the Pride Alliance at ISL. A Pride Rainbow dress-up contest also took place.

“Pride month is an opportunity for the community to show solidarity and support for the LGBTQ+ community. The pride colours are symbols of the diversity but also the struggle that individuals have fought and continue to fight around the world for equal rights. Pride month is also a celebration of the beauty of diversity and the progress that has been made. It remains a poignant celebration that allows the community to unify and celebrate others” says Christopher Wallace. “The celebrations and advocacy workshops occurring this month are a symbol of the beginning of a new culture of acceptance and celebration”.