HIIT Training Sessions:

HIIT type training is often touted as effective for weight loss. It has the advantage of reducing the duration of sports sessions, while promoting bodybuilding and good physical shape.

The price is CHF 330 for 11 sessions.

Kindly note that there is only 10 places per class and the payment has to be done in advance.

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Offered by personal trainer Stephane Tchino:

“Versatile sportsman, I have mostly practiced basketball and athletics for 10 years. In both sports, I reached a high level and was winner of a national title in basketball with my team, and completed 400m in 49’30.

In our busy and stressful lives, my vision of sport is that it brings balance, by seeking pleasure and strengthening the mind. In sports, whatever your goals, body and mind work in harmony.

I listen to your needs and offer personalized support. Providing encouragement during your workout, a follow-up, and a flexibility that allows me to adapt the programs according to each individuals level ensuring everyone can progress safely”

Stephane Tchinotchinotraining@gmail.com