We are Alexandra Ceban and Sofia Benczédi Munar, two students from the University of Lausanne, who have just been awarded the Prix Pralong, a prize aimed at supporting student projects in developing countries. We need your help to raise the final part of our fundraising! As a former student at ISL from 2016-2019, I, Alexandra, have experienced firsthand the support of ISL. My initial exposure to humanitarian aid was during the Cambodian trip in 2016, and I would like to thank and involve ISL equally in this project!

Moldova, facing economic challenges, suffers the consequences of conflict due to its geographical proximity and close ties with Ukraine and Russia. Emigration has exacerbated the vulnerability of the elderly Moldovan population (60 years and older), who represent 22.8% of the population and face poverty, inadequate health benefits, and loneliness. The migration crisis has heightened this issue, leaving many elderly people destitute. The project “Les Aiguilles du Temps: Brodant l’Espoir dans le Coeur des Oubliés ” is dear to us and holds strong potential to overcome these current challenges.

The project aims to develop sewing skills among the participants, encouraging the creation of products that celebrate Moldovan culture, while fostering a community atmosphere of unity and solidarity. It focuses on the transmission of these skills as a cultural heritage for future generations. The project forms initiative groups to encourage collaboration and plans for material contributions in the form of bag donations to Ukrainian refugees. Initially (ending in summer 2024), the goal is to create 150 bags by 5 initiative groups (formed by a minimum of 10 people, in remote villages) and donate them to refugee centers in Balti, one of which is located in the Donduseni region. In the long term, the goal is to foster a community where former participants offer clothing repair services, thus promoting entrepreneurship and financial independence, especially considering the low average pension. 

For donations, the link is : https://lesaiguillesdutemps.nicepage.io/ under the section: “Donation”. Any donation helps ! We are in need of 2500.- to be able to finalise the project. We can also be found on Instagram for more updates @aiguillesdutemps !

Thank you very much for your support.

Alexandra and Sofia

Gradient Issue #2: The magazine of the International School of Lausanne

In this edition, we explore how our community has coped during this special year to make the best of it. We also have a special section on multilingualism and how it can both benefit and challenge our students.