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Chez Tof
To earn the “family friendly” label, establishments often have to sacrifice menu quality or complexity. Here it’s the exact opposite. Chez Tof serves authentic French brasserie food with all the flavours you’d want while adapting to a child’s palate (and stomach size).

Culture Café
Our go-to family dining spot since it opened in 2014 only gets better with time. Cyril, owner and resident foodie, passionately creates a fusion of flavours with a focus on sourcing locally and seasonally. The dishes are creative, delicious, and healthy with several options for children that will make you feel good about what you’re all eating.

Coucou Montreux
It’s a hike, drive, or train ride outside of Lausanne, but once you reach the heights just above Montreux, you’ll appreciate the fuss. With a panoramic terrace of spacious lawn for kids to use, this Alpine brasserie offers familiar dishes with careful attention to detail – a culinary exploration with a significant side of beauty.

Blackbird Downtown Diner
A favourite among Lausanne locals for fullrange breakfasts, Blackbird is also a spot to come for lunches or dinners with the whole family. Rich & Jess understand that kids can be picky but shouldn’t be pigeon-holed into the chicken nugget/buttery pasta corner. Choose from their diverse menu with classics like burgers and wraps.

Keyann Café Libanais
Along with a designated play space for children, this Lebanese restaurant has different dining rooms for different experiences – a formal room with tablecloths and wine glasses, a “living room” that’s casual and relaxed, and an open terrace for tabbouleh with a side of fresh air. The dishes are fresh, tasty, and can be adapted for the whole family.

Street Cellar
You may think you can’t bring your family to a wine bar, but at Street Cellar, the new spot in the Flon, everyone is welcome. Despite not having a kids’ menu, children will know and love each dish. All ages will enjoy the “made with a twist” gourmet hot dogs, crispy chicken, and smashed crispy potatoes, and parents should definitely try the local wine straight from the barrel.

Le Contretemps
This lakeside restaurant’s lush lawn, playground, and terrace is popular with families, but without sacrificing their ethos for delicious, beautifully made food. Whether it’s perch from the lake or free-range local chicken, they pay close attention to the integrity of all items regardless of their diners’ age.

Haute cuisine restaurants in Lausanne are rare, especially ones with kids’ menus. Eligo in the Rôtillon district in the heart of Lausanne focuses on local produce and seasonal fare – a special gastronomic experience for the entire family.

This delicate interior welcomes you with beautifully decorated cupcakes and pastries and a small boutique for local artisans. Indulge both your sweet tooth and your child’s wonder.

Gradient Issue #2: The magazine of the International School of Lausanne

In this edition, we explore how our community has coped during this special year to make the best of it. We also have a special section on multilingualism and how it can both benefit and challenge our students.