Discover five trends below:

Artificial Intelligence

can replicate the role of teachers and is most suited to rule-based subjects like mathematics and languages. But many argue it will never replicate the soft skills of a teacher.


have the ability to monitor students’ receptiveness in class, alerting the teacher to anybody who might be struggling – or even finding work too easy.

Online Delivery

has the potential to make highquality education accessible for all, not just the more privileged.

Serious Games

played by students can provide insights into their decision-making and perceptions. This data can help teachers improve their delivery.


Educators refer to this as the need to develop a whole child’ perspective in education, with a balanced focus on cognitive, social, and emotional skills.

Gradient Issue #2: The magazine of the International School of Lausanne

In this edition, we explore how our community has coped during this special year to make the best of it. We also have a special section on multilingualism and how it can both benefit and challenge our students.