Private lessons at ISL

ISL offers private instrumental music lessons, as well as different language programmes.

Music lessons

The Music programme at ISL is rich and varied. We currently have a team of 18 qualified, experienced, and incredibly talented instrumental teachers who help students learn to play their dream instrument ranging from piano to violin to drums and much more. ISL’s state-of-the-art facilities include a modern 400-seat auditorium, an industry-standard recording studio, a piano studio, an iMac suite for music production, and 9 practice rooms to suit all tastes of music-making.

Language lessons

ISL recognises the importance of language maintenance and development. The Home Language Programme at ISL is a wonderful opportunity for people to celebrate their home language and culture! Our team of diverse and experienced home language teachers help children further develop their mother tongue in a relaxed environment. At ISL, we currently offer mother tongue tuition in Arabic, Mandarin, Russian and Spanish. We also offer additional private language lessons within the frame of the International Baccalaureate programme.


  • Candidates must be living in the immediate Lausanne area and be eligible to work in Switzerland.
  • The following documents must be provided for any application:
    • A cover letter
    • Your resume
    • Copy of diploma(s)
    • Copy of reference letter(s)
    • Copy of Swiss work or residency permit

No open positions