ISL is an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School

We offer the Primary Years, Middle Years, and Diploma Programmes for children aged 3-18. We are known for our academic excellence and rigorous teaching which encourage children to achieve the highest standards. But good grades aren’t enough to succeed in a complex, changing world. That’s why we develop creative and independent children who can solve problems and adapt.

Smiling students using a laptop

An ISL education

The world is increasingly interconnected.  Many of today’s challenges require clear thinking, dialogue, and cooperation. ISL prepares children for the complexities and uncertainties of our multicultural, interdependent world so that they can contribute productively.

An ISL education provides young people with:

  • a rigorous intellectual base so they can think critically
  • opportunities for innovation and independent problem-solving
  • the ability to effectively cooperate across cultural boundaries
  • a genuine sense of caring for the well-being of all community members
  • confidence and the courage to be themselves
Frazer Cairns ISL Director

“We think there is no limit to a child’s potential and we help every student explore theirs, so they have the best possible chance of leading a successful, fulfilling life. ”

Frazer Cairns, School Director

School sections

As an IB World School, our students acquire the skills and attitudes that meet the growing demands of an international 21st century.

Our Curriculum

ISL is an IB World School, and we therefore offer the International Baccalaureate Programmes, the PYP, MYP and DP.

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Teaching, learning, and innovation

We’re led by evidence and experience. We are always trying out new ways and building on what works. By constantly improving, we create richer experiences for students. It helps us attract and retain the very best teachers.

Watch this video of our collaboration with EPFL.

Our faculty

The quality of teaching has the most significant impact on student achievement, engagement, and motivation for learning.  Our 135 dedicated, passionate educators – a ratio of about 1 teacher to 7 students – makes studying at ISL special.

A commitment to well-being and student support

There is no higher priority for ISL than the safety and well-being of our students.Our long-held values of honesty, respect, self-control, equality, and care and concern for others guide us to create a supportive and healthy learning environment.
Specialist teams of counselors, teachers, and coaches offer support to students–nurturing their growth and development–so students can make the most of their individual talents. We also use the latest research in well-being to foster self-knowledge, personal values, and aspirations. We help students understand their connections to others and build strong relationships.

Service learning at ISL

The International School of Lausanne is committed to developing students who will make a meaningful contribution to the world
At ISL we believe service learning forms an essential component of a holistic education, providing the opportunity for students to make links between their curriculum studies and the wider world. It is an opportunity for them to reflect on their social responsibilities and prepare them to take an active and responsible role in a multicultural world.

After ISL

Our students leave with a sense of unlimited opportunity. They have the self-knowledge, confidence, and ambition to achieve their goals and make a positive contribution.

  • 35.4


  • 98%

    of students will attend further education

  • 100

    Different universities attended by ISL graduates from 2015 and 2023

What is the International Baccalaureate (IB)? Why is it relevant today? What makes IB students different from others?