The ISL Library

With more than 36,000 references, the ISL library supports a love of reading and learning. The library provides an environment with access to current and appropriate resources. It also supports students and staff in becoming effective users of these resources.

Primary school and Early Childhood library

The Primary School and Early Childhood library is a resource for students, staff, and parents. A collection of over 14,000 items supports the curriculum and promotes reading and literacy at all grade levels from Reception 3 through to Year 6.

Professional library staff are available to help students with everything from finding the right book to choosing the best websites for their research. Students can browse several online databases. We have a large collection of fiction and non-fiction media including books, magazines, and books with CDs.

Weekly visits to the library are provided to all students in Primary School and Early Childhood. Years 1 to 6 also have weekly library information, technology, and research classes.

Parents are encouraged to drop by, browse the collection, and read with their children. Parents are also welcome to set up a borrower’s account for themselves. To do so, just ask one of the librarians.

Secondary School Library

The secondary school library offers a variety of spaces and tools for research and learning activities. Professional library staff guide students and staff on all library services, whether it’s finding research sources or choosing a book for leisurely reading.

Currently the collection contains over 22,000 volumes with more than 40 print journal subscriptions, along with numerous databases for extended research and reading.

There are two small study rooms and a larger space for bigger groups to work. Scanning, printing, and photocopying are available, along with Wi-Fi connectivity. Kindles, iPads, and cameras are also available to support students and faculty with special projects.

Parents are welcome to borrow books. To set up your parent account, please see one of the librarians.

Library opening times

The ISL libraries are open from

Monday – Thursday: 08:00-18:00
Friday: 08:00-17:00