As a Marketing Officer, you will get the chance to work on many different projects in a fast-moving school market environment. We are looking for someone who is creative, well-organised, and resourceful, but who also has an eye for details. Here are a few examples of responsibilities/ projects that you could be working on.

Holiday camps

We are regularly launching new initiatives. For example, last summer we have started a brand new holiday camps programme. We created the brand identity, we launched a new website and we ran campaigns. You will be working on similar projects.

Video production

You will be working with professionals on video content such as this movie when we filmed a family for 24 hours.

Digital ads

You will help us run our online and offline advertising campaigns. We work closely with external partners who help us reach our full potential.

Gradient School Magazine


We have recently created “Gradient”, ISL’s magazine in print and digital versions. We send 4’000 magazines to our alumni, staff, and parents. All the content is created in-house, except for visual content that we produce with professionals.

Social media

With more than 6’000 followers, we have a very engaged community on social media. You will be able to work creatively with our team to develop our digital activities and further drive engagement.