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Alba Dobon Chic, Spain

Teacher of Spanish

Alba grew up in Spain, Valencia. She studied industrial engineering in the Polytechnical University of Valencia and a master of education in Madrid. When Alba finished studying, she worked in a psycho-pedagogical center in Spain and then came to Switzerland. Her first year she worked as an au pair and learnt French, which permitted her to begin her career in Switzerland. “I started to work in a specialized school in Yverdon (Fondation Entre-Lacs) and this year I joined with a lot of pleasure our community, ISL. At the same time, I am finishing the Swiss homologation procedure of my Spanish diplomas.” Alba especially likes the variety of cultures and countries present at ISL. “The community is a nice one; everyone helps each other and brings something of their own authenticity to ISL.” Additionally, she loves the Swiss mountains, hiking skiing and via ferratas. In her free time, Alba plays the violin, sings Karaoke and enjoys eating a nice Paella.