Summer Camps 2021 - ISL Bilingual day camps (EN-FR) for children aged 3 to 14 years old.

Reyna, Swiss, Turkish


Reyna is Swiss and Turkish. She was born in Warshaw, Poland, and is currently in the last year of the IB DP. “I have been in the school since reception 4. My parents were drawn to the school by the amazing opportunities, quality education, and wholesome community. I was pleased to see how committed teachers are to educate their students and help set up the right path to their desired future. The school provides counselling for when a student feels overwhelmed or needs help. Additionally, the teachers are kind, understanding, and flexible in helping the students outside of education. Furthermore, providing academic counselling to aid students in finding the university best suited for them is extremely helpful.” Reyna furthermore really likes the fantastic facilities available, a large library, gym, variety of subjects, ASA’s as well as a lounge (for IB) to enjoy outside of education and the incredible food served in the cafeteria.