Week 3

These weekly posts will keep you informed of different activities, share community tips and your photos of the week. Please share your pictures, movies, and home learning experiences with the community by sending us an email.

Message from the Director

The COVID-19 situation has forced everybody to change their routine substantially. In the run up to the decision to close, there were a number of questions that we asked ourselves. There were basic ones about the systems and structures we needed to put in place: will they work? Will students be overloaded or will they have time on their hands? And then there were other, more philosophical questions: will people miss out on opportunities, never to get themselves back on track, or will people recognise the lost opportunities and so throw themselves into things with more enthusiasm than ever? Will young people see themselves victims of something beyond their control and so go on to identify as being powerless, or will they see that collectively we can overcome extraordinary difficulties?

Though the first set of questions have been answered over the first three weeks of remote learning, there is, of course, no definitive answer to the second set – we have the choice of whether we see ourselves as victims or in control of our response to a crisis. In this respect, the response of the community so far has been amazing. That is not to say that it isn’t challenging. However students, parents, and teachers have shown themselves to be both resourceful and innovative. Absolutely, as a school we have been developing new tools, pedagogies, and approaches and who knows where that will lead? Most interesting for me, though, has been the sense of care for each other and community. As a school, we have always talked about them being there, however you only know that things like that are there for sure when they are really needed.

Primary School Highlights

Throughout our third week of remote learning, ISL’s primary school students have been active, learning, and enjoying their classes. Firstly, our Year 6 students completed their PE Dance unit with a lovely dance video. Enjoy watching and learning new dance moves!

Additionally, some primary school classes explored their artistic skills by playing online Pictionary together whilst other classes had to learn and read about the Marie Kondo challenge, and follow the instructions in order to organise an area in their room. See images below!

ISL’s French primary students are also enjoying their remote lessons. Aron, one of our young beginner French students, introduced his dog to his French teacher, Mr. Cornet by video. Meet dog Spot.

Our Year 2 students worked very hard on many different projects. Some of their achievements included measuring objects, painting and drawing their views from their windows, and doing maths calculations. Enjoy seeing their projects below.

Secondary School Highlights

The third week of remote learning for the secondary school students included interesting projects and fun lessons. First of all, our teachers have become extremely creative and are trying their ultimate best to make lessons different, fun, and interesting for their students. Spanish teacher, Liam Printer has spent time creating fun and interactive Spanish lessons on his new YouTube channel. He mentions, “I have also started a professional YouTube channel where I post videos for students so they can maintain the relationship and contact with me. It is so important for them to see our faces and what we are up to, so I post silly little videos of things I am doing for them 2-3 times per week. I call them – impresiones con impresora.” To improve your Spanish, have a look at one of his videos below.

Additionally, the students have created the “High Fever” the remote version of the famous High magazine. The online version includes great articles, recommendations of things to do, and a list of recipes to try. Enjoy a read.

Lastly, throughout this week three of remote learning, we have seen great examples of students continuing their service learning. The ISL Eco-Society is continuing its meetings and encouraging the community to be more eco-friendly. Their week three update includes inspiration on how to start some easy vegetable growing project without having to get seeds. Feel free to try this at home.

Act of Kindness of the week

A kind message from the Year 7 students to their teachers.

Resources and Recommendations

The section below is dedicated to sharing resources and recommendations within the community. Remote learning tips will be posted, as well as fun family activities for yet another day at home.

Website Resources: Where to find what?

Three pages on the website aim to share what we are doing: ISL’s response to the coronavirus groups together key information; Remote learning describes how we are structuring our learning environment; and Life at home with kids gives tips and advice for parents.

ISL Remote Theatre Club

In these times of limited personal contact and with a complete shutdown of theatres and other cultural providers, we thought it would be great to get together once a week and watch a high-quality production (in the safety and comfort of our own homes). Please find out more in Frazer Cairns’ email sent to all parents last Thursday, on 2 April, or by contacting Tim Fessler. Join us this Wednesday, 8 April to watch One Man, Two Guvnors. The trailer can be found below.

Activities at home

Recommendations from the community

The ISL PTA Facebook closed group is a great place to share your ideas and recommendations with others. Members of the ISL community have been sharing all kind of tips with each other from book swaps to possible vegetable box orders. Find this week’s greatest tips below:

  • Online art courses you can take from home by the Museum of Modern Art.
  • If you enjoy photography, or would like to learn more about how to take beautiful photos, make sure to check out this Facebook page for online workshops.
  • Plastic-free groceries delivered at your home by Deli’Vrac.

Community Video of the Week

This week’s video will allow you to learn more about Swiss traditions. You will get to experience the famous Combat des Reines. Enjoy watching this beautiful video directed and produced by ISL’s Alumni student, Saoirse Wilson.

Community Photos of the Week

Some of ISL’s remote-learning places.

If you would like to share any tips, resources, recommendations, videos or photos please write to us.