Remote Learning at ISL

At ISL we strive to maintain a normal pattern of teaching and learning through the use of online tools while maintaining a focus on the well-being of individuals in the community.  We recognise that different people will be facing very different circumstances.

Remote learning updates

ISL’s Director, Frazer Cairns sends an update on our remote working programme to parents every week. Please find the updates below.

Blog: Remote Learning Community Updates

The weekly blog posts will keep you informed of different activities, share community tips and your photos of the week. We aim to keep everyone up to date, share highlights, and, most importantly, bring our ISL community together throughout these challenging times.

Remote learning parent assistance Google Site

This Google Site has been created in order to provide our parents with clear guidelines on how to use the various remote learning tools. Additionally, you will be able to find contact information for further technical assistance.

How ISL does remote learning

Two children writing at school

Primary school remote learning

In the Primary School, Seesaw is used to assign work, post videos/ written messages, and provide feedback. Additionally, Google Meet is used for morning meetings and video chats with students. Some year levels in the Primary School are also using Google Classroom. Links to Google Meet sessions are shared on Seesaw.

Secondary school remote learning

Google Classroom is the central hub for setting assignments and deadlines, facilitating ongoing class discussion, and providing feedback for our secondary school students. Google Meet is used for live video sessions with students. Teachers are free to use a variety of other web-based resources to facilitate learning as appropriate for their subject.

Remote learning policy

Find out more about our remote learning programme by taking a look at ISL’s Remote Learning Policy.

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