Week 6

Another week completed, week 6 of remote learning for the ISL community. This week was a busy one, especially for all teachers and staff members, as they are preparing the move back to school. Further information on the re-opening of campus is explained in this weeks blog post. Additionally, remote learning continued and some great activities and lessons happened which you get to discover below. As always, we have included new recommendations for you and your families, enjoy the read and we wish you a great weekend!

Please remember to continue sharing your photos, videos and recommendations with us, and the community. Feel free to send us an email here.

Back to School

Our Reception 3 students have enjoyed their first two weeks back at school with their friends and teachers. Next, Reception 4 to Year 10 students will come back on Monday 11 May. All students who are well and not quarantined will attend school in half classes on alternate days until Wednesday 20 May. During this period, learning will continue to be arranged so that it can be followed either in school or remotely. Lastly, our students in Years 11 and 12 will continue learning remotely and will be allowed back on campus on Monday 8 June.

We are of course, very excited to welcome students back to school and will do so in a safe and careful manner. Students will be encouraged to frequently wash their hands, cleaning of the campus will be increased, and adults will be allowed in the building only for appointments.

Primary School

Primary school students and teachers are getting ready for the return to school on Monday 11 May. Today, teachers spent the day preparing their classrooms, removing some furniture, and changing their desks but now… the classrooms and teachers are ready to welcome the students back!

Have a look at this special video for the primary school students. A video explaining the “Back to School” next week!

Secondary School

This week ended with a middle school assembly. Mr Harrison spoke to middle school students and Year 10 about the return to school next week. The students will be coming back to campus on Monday and on Tuesday. Below is a list of some of the important information shared with students for a safe and successful return to school:

  • Social distance as much as possible
  • Washing hands remains crucially important, sanitizer will also be found all around the school
  • Follow the markings on the floor and in classrooms
  • Follow the arrows in the cafeteria, and please sit in a zig-zag fashion
  • Sports and games involving close contact will not be allowed, however other games will be available.

For more information, please watch the middle school assembly below. Here you will get to enjoy a music performance, a great student initiative, the new middle school challenge and very important information concerning the return to school.

If you would like to know more about the procedures for Monday 11 May, please have a look at our Policy and Procedures document or on our website.

We look forward to welcoming back our ISL students next week. Enjoy watching Finn’s rap, “Back to School!”

Primary School Highlights

Students, this week have been working hard on lots of different activities. Year 2 started a new unit of inquiry: Sharing the Planet. The central idea of their unit is to focus on the following: understanding the structure and function of living things can help us build positive relationships with the natural worlds. Discover more about Year 2’s new unit below:

Additionally, Year 6 students have remained very active throughout the past few weeks. A remote PE class is of course very different to playing a football match with friends or learning a new sport, however, students have done a great job in filming and sharing their sports talent with their classmates and teachers. Watch the Year 6 video below, here students show a physical talent/ task they want to accomplish.

Working and learning from home isn’t always easy, especially for our primary school students. Luckily our great teachers have thought of nice ways to keep the positivity and good spirits going this week. This Year 5 class started one of their days this week with a funky glasses meeting.

Secondary School Highlights

Secondary school students have had a busy week as well, especially our Year 12 students, they completed their TOK presentations online. Well done! They now continue working on their extended essay. Students should be able to start writing their first drafts over the summer holiday. We are excited to find out more about their chosen topics soon!

In French, the Year 7 students are working on writing entries for their “Journal Intime.” For this written task students will share and reflect upon the past few weeks. This piece of writing relates to their unit on Anne Frank. Additionally, Year 9 students wrote stories and then had to create a comic out of these. Spanish classes have also been very entertaining as students are taught Spanish by “Señor Impresora.”

Act of Kindness

This week two sisters from middle school shared their great fundraising initiative. The two girls supported Terre des hommes in a special way. On 11 April, from midnight to 06:00, the two sisters walked and ran 21KM, by doing this they raised money for people all over the world. The sisters were able to collect a total of CHF 2’520, the largest amount of money Terre des hommes has received from two people in the past six months. A great initiative, a huge well-done to these two inspirational girls! Listen to their story in the middle school assembly here.

Social media

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Resources and Recommendations

The section below is dedicated to sharing resources and recommendations within the community. Discover new activities for at home, recommendations from the community, and useful resources.

Activities at home

  • Do you miss going to a beautiful ballet performance? The American Ballet Theatre moves its Spring Gala to Youtube. Enjoy this beautiful dance show, May 12th at home.
  • If you are looking for an exciting family game, have a look here. EVADE Escape Game now delivers escape games for at home.
  • Fun activities for your young children in the forest below:

Recommendations from the community

The ISL PTA Facebook closed group is a great place to share your ideas and recommendations with others. Members of the ISL community have been sharing all kind of tips with each other from where to find fabric masks, books to possible vegetable box orders. Find this week’s greatest tips below:

  • Looking for new furniture for your house? Make sure to have a look on the PTA Facebook page.
  • Local protective fabric masks can be ordered here.
  • Here we are Global, is starting up in Lausanne – a professional network for travelling partners.

Website Resources: Where to find what?

Three pages on the website aim to share what we are currently doing, and to help you through these challenging times. The ISL’s response to the coronavirus page groups together key information. There you will also be able to find the new policies and procedures created by the school’s leadership for the transition from remote learning back to on campus learning. The Remote Learning page describes how we are structuring our learning environment and lastly, the Life at home with kids page gives you fun tips and advice for activities at home, working from home, and much more.

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