Update 1

Welcome to our Remote Learning Community Updates. These weekly posts will keep you informed of different activities, share community tips and your photos of the week. We aim to keep everyone up to date, share highlights, and, most importantly, bring our ISL community together throughout these challenging times. Please share your pictures, movies, and home learning experiences with the community by sending us an email.

ISL has moved to off-site remote learning. The feedback from parents and students has been very positive. Our teachers are doing their ultimate best to balance their home-life, with teaching ISL’s students, and have mastered this extremely well. A weekly survey is sent out to all members of the community, parents, students and staff members for feedback. The results are carefully analysed, and the leadership teams then aim to select several aspects to work on and further improve.

Primary School Highlights

Our Primary Students have been very lucky over the past two weeks, they received great, fun and creative online lessons. The classes ranged from a PE workout in the Swiss vineyards to a story telling library lesson. The teachers have succeeded at making the online interactive lessons as well as the pre-recorded video lessons a huge success.

Our creative teachers have put together math, literacy, and UOI (unit of inquiry) journals for the students. They can record their work for the week before submitting it. Here is the maths journal which includes the daily lessons and problems students are responsible for completing.

Secondary School Highlights

The Secondary School students and teachers have both worked very hard over the past two weeks. The students have attended lessons, completed assignments, studied from their desks at home and even attended assemblies. The middle school and high school assemblies held last week were a great success. If you would like to know more about what is happening in Middle School, and/or would like to experience a virtual assembly please watch below.

The past few days have been more of a challenge for our Year 13 students due to the cancellation of IB DP exams and all the uncertainties related to this situation. Luckily, a couple of students suggested to have a short online version of Wacky Week. A great and much appreciated idea by students and staff. Below, a fully-dressed up Year 8 class for the Crazy Hat Day.

Act of Kindness of the week

ISL’s Year 11 students worked on a special project for their French class. Each student wrote a message of gratitude for the CHUV’s medical staff. A message to show appreciation and say thank you for all their hard work during these challenging times. The CHUV medical staff will receive one ISL message a day. All students have written great, encouraging, motivating and thankful messages to the brave nurses and doctors here in Lausanne. You can enjoy reading some of the messages on ISL’s Instagram account.

Resources & Recommendations

This section below is dedicated to share resources and recommendations within the community. Remote-learning tips will be posted as well as fun family activities for yet another day at home.

Website Resources: Where to find what?

Three new pages on the website aim to share what we are doing: ISL’s response to the coronavirus groups together key information; Remote Learning describes how we are structuring our learning environment; and Life at home with kids gives tips and advice for parents.

Angus’ Homeschooling Tips

Every week, we will share a home learning tip for you and your families on the blog. This week, Angus Macdonald, teacher of mathematics and theory of knowledge, shared some tips for all children working from home and their parents on WRS – World Radio Switzerland.


Activities at home

Recommendations from the community

The ISL PTA Facebook group is a great place to share your ideas and recommendations with others. Members of the ISL community have been sharing all kind of tips with each other from book swaps to possible vegetable box orders. Find this weeks greatest tips below:

Community Video of the Week

Primary Year 6 teachers created a video for their students, the “Safety Dance.” Have a look and discover some great dance moves.

Community Photos of the Week

Some of ISL’s remote-learning places.

If you would like to share any tips, resources, recommendations, videos or photos please write to us.